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O recurso água

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Junho 4, 2010

Dario Castillejos, «Dario La Crisis»

A The Economist apresenta uma reportagem especial sobre a água na qual se escreve que nos dias de hoje a palavra “crise” está sempre associada à palavra “água”. Desta diz-se que é o novo petróleo: um recurso durante muito tempo desperdiçado que agora em muitas regiões do globo é escasso e cada vez mais caro. Alterações ambientais tornam estes problemas ainda mais graves. Um bem ou um direito humano? É a grande pergunta que a Economist faz:

[…] Priced or not, water is certainly valued, and that value depends on the use to which it is harnessed. Water is used not just to grow food but to make every kind of product, from microchips to steel girders. […]

Industrial use takes about 60% of water in rich countries and 10% in the rest. The difference in domestic use is much smaller, 11% and 8% respectively. Some of the variation is explained by capacious baths, power showers and flush lavatories in the rich world. All humans, however, need a basic minimum of two litres of water in food or drink each day, and for this there is no substitute. […] That is why many people in poor and arid countries—usually women or children—set off early each morning to trudge to the nearest well and return five or six hours later burdened with precious supplies. That is why many people believe water to be a human right, a necessity more basic than bread or a roof over the head. […]

Throughout history, man’s dependence on water has made him live near it or organise access to it. […] It has provided not just life and food but a means of transport, a way of keeping clean, a mechanism for removing sewage, a home for fish and other animals, a medium with which to cook, in which to swim, on which to skate and sail, a thing of beauty to provide inspiration, to gaze upon and to enjoy. No wonder a commodity with so many qualities, uses and associations has proved so difficult to organise.

Ares, «Cagle Cartoons»


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  1. O PUMA said, on Junho 4, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    A água é como o pão

    não é para todos

    nesta sociedade de mercados bárbaros

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