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Uma agência para a mulher

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Julho 9, 2010

Michael Kountouris

A ONU tem agora uma agência dedicada exclusivamente aos problemas das mulheres, o UN Women. Durante décadas, os defensores dos direitos das mulheres acreditaram que campanhas para as “questões do género”, programas a nível mundial promovendo leis para ajudar as mulheres a nível local e nacional e assegurar que as mulheres estavam bem representadas e ouvidas na própria ONU, seriam suficinetes para elevar o status das mulheres e implementar os direitos das mulheres nas diferentes sociedades. Mas isso nunca foi o suficiente. O princípio podia estar correcto, mas em todo o mundo e dentro da ONU as mulheres eram frequentemente marginalizadas. A um nível global, muitos dos países que assinaram acordos que protegiam e beneficiavam as mulheres nunca os implementaram.

Escreve Barbara Crossette na The Nation:

[…] Advocates for women, within and outside the UN system, had long argued that the existing programs for women were grossly underfunded and unable to exert influence in the field, where more financially strong UN agencies with much larger budgets—Unicef, the World Food Program, the High Commissioner for Refugees or the World Health Organization, to name a few—could deploy formidable teams. That in turn allowed them to mount public relations campaigns heralding their work, which leads to more voluntary funding. A common criticism of the existing structures for women was that they were not able to be “operational”—that is, run effective programs on their own. That is not to say there were no successes. Unifem recently mounted and led a very high-profile campaign to end violence against women, though it is too early to measure results.

The General Assembly resolution creating UN Women expects the new agency to have both operational and what the UN calls “normative” roles: dealing with policies and promoting and monitoring international covenants and agreements, working with the Commission on the Status of Women, a separate intergovernmental body, and the UN’s Economic and Social Council. ECOSOC, as it is known, was created to parallel the Security Council, focusing on social and economic conditions, but it has not been very bold in carrying out its mandate. […]

Angel Boligan, «El Universal»


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