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Srebrenica, 15 anos depois

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Julho 14, 2010

A Foreign Policy mostra uma foto-reportagem de Andy Spyra sobre o maior massacre a que a Europa assistiu desde a II Guerra Mundial, o massacre de Srebrenica, em Julho de 1995. Mais de oito mil muçulmanos, homens e rapazes, foram mortos. Foi o primeiro caso legalmente reconhecido na Europa como genocídio desde o Holocausto.

Jordan Michael Smith, na Newsweek, escreve “From Srebrenica to Baghdad“:

The genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia, 15 years ago this week continues to haunt European consciences. The massacre is frequently in the news, most recently because relatives of the victims are now asking prosecutors in the Netherlands to charge Dutch peacekeepers with war crimes. For Americans, the anniversary of the massacre will mostly go unnoticed. But it shouldn’t—the horrible events of July 1995 in Srebrenica have a lot to do with why Americans are now in Iraq.

Of course, Iraq was on few minds at the time in Srebrenica, a small town in the east of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There Dutch troops stood by at the U.N.-declared “safe zone” while Serbs overran it, killing 8,000 Muslim men and boys with firing squads. It was the worst crime in Europe since World War II, and it happened while the world watched. […]

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