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Haiti seis meses depois

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Agosto 5, 2010

Olle Johansson

Seis meses depois do terremoto que matou pelo menos 222 mil pessoas, o trabalho de reconstrução do Haiti ainda está no início. De todo o mundo chegou ajuda mas a reconstrução mostra poucos sinais de progresso. Na falta de solução, em muitas partes da ilha as pessoas seguiram com a sua vida no meio do entulho, como escreve a Der Spiegel:

[…] People have learned that the only way to get help is to be in dire straits. And so a woman says that her husband is dead, even though he’s standing next to her, as if it weren’t enough that her parents had already died in the quake. The world feels obligated not to forget this country, but Haiti has little to offer except the news that everything is still as miserable as it was before.

It starts with the wreckage. People still live in tents because they’re afraid to return to their collapsed houses or because the debris prevents them from building a new home on their property. “It should be an easy process,” says Strode. “First you clear the property and then you rebuild.” But where does all the debris go? There is only one approved dumping site he’s allowed to use, and it’s a long way away. […]


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