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Requiem de uma invasão

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Agosto 6, 2010

Steve Greenberg,

Perante muitos veteranos do Disabled American Veterans, Barack Obama disse que a intervenção militar no Iraque terminou. Joe Klein, na Time, escreve que terminou uma guerra que nunca devia ter começado e que é uma das principais causas pela actual situação no Afeganistão:

[…] There is no “victory” in Iraq, nor will there be. There is something resembling stability, for now. There is a semblance of democracy, but that may dissolve over time into a Shi’ite dictatorship — which, if not well run, could yield to the near inevitable military coup. Yes, Saddam is gone — and that is a good thing. The Kurds have a greater measure of independence and don’t have to live in fear of mass murder, which are good things too. But Iran’s position in the region has been strengthened. Its Iraqi allies, especially Muqtada al-Sadr’s populist movement, will play a major role — perhaps one more central than ours — in shaping the future of the country. Our attempt to construct an Iraq more amenable to our interests will end no better than the previous attempts by Western colonial powers. Even if something resembling democracy prevails, the U.S. invasion and occupation will not be remembered fondly by Iraqis. We will own the destruction in perpetuity; if the Iraqis manage to cobble themselves a decent society, they will see it, correctly, as an achievement of their own. […]

The idea that it was our right and responsibility to rid Iraq of a terrible dictator — after the original casus belli of weapons of mass destruction evaporated — turned out to be a neocolonialist delusion. The fact that Bush apologists still trot out his “forward strategy of freedom” as an example of American idealism is a farce. […] Freedom may well be “God’s gift to humanity,” as Bush insisted, radiating a simpleminded piety that never reflected another of God’s greatest gifts — the ability to doubt, to think difficult thoughts and weigh conflicting options with clarity and subtlety. But I’m pretty sure God never designated the U.S. to impose that freedom violently upon others. […]

Quem não concorda com a retirada americana é Tariq Aziz, antigo ministro e conselheiro de Saddam Hussein, em entrevista ao The Guardian:

“We are all victims of America and Britain,” he told the Guardian from his prison cell in Baghdad. “They killed our country in many ways. When you make a mistake you need to correct a mistake, not leave Iraq to its death.”

Hasan Bleibel, «Al-Mustakbal»


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