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Paquistão vs. Zardari

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Agosto 13, 2010


Enquanto o povo do Paquistão enfrentava as piores cheias desde há muito, o Presidente Asif Ali Zardari viajava pela Europa, em visita ao Reino Unido e ao castelo da família na Normandia. Membros do governo defendem o Presidente dizendo que foi uma medida necessária para obter ajuda internacional e a oposição contrapõe afirmando que isso poderia ter sido feito no Paquistão. A fúria contra o Presidente Zardari já lhe valeu a entrada no exclusivo clube de líderes vitimas de atiradores de sapatos (que já teve direito a um jogo online).

Na Time, Omar Waraich escreve que quem está a “ganhar” com a incompetência do governo são os grupos extremistas islâmicos:

[S]tanding to benefit from the disaster are Pakistan’s hard-line Islamist groups, pushed to the sidelines by elections and weakened by military offensives. Unlike the civilian government and the army, which took days to marshal aid, Islamist groups boasted of efficient networks of volunteers. This is especially true in the volatile northwest, where the bulk of the devastation is taking place. The Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation, a charity with alleged links to the banned Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) — which was blamed for the 2008 Mumbai massacre — has for days been feeding tens of thousands of affected people. Drawing on a similar popularity achieved during the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, members of the group say they receive donations from the urban middle class of Punjab, who are turning increasingly to religious conservatism.

Such aid will make it difficult for the government to crack down on the do-gooders, no matter how malevolent Islamabad alleges their motives to be. “The government now finds itself in an awkward position,” says Shaikh. “If there is any pressure for it to move against these groups, it’s going to find itself in much the same position as Gen. Musharraf, who during the Kashmir earthquake said, ‘We need all the help we can get from whatever source.’ Given the circumstances, for it to now act against groups who are seen to be doing a sterling job in terms of helping people will be absolutely suicidal.” […]


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