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A “viagem” de Blair

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Setembro 7, 2010

Chappatte, «International Herald Tribune»

“I very much enjoyed meeting my readers in Dublin and was looking forward to doing the same in London. However, I have decided not to go ahead with the signing as I don’t want the public to be inconvenienced by the inevitable hassle caused by protesters. I know the Metropolitan police would, as ever, have done a superb job in managing any disruption, but I do not wish to impose an extra strain on police resources, simply for a book signing.” Foi esta a justificação de Tony Blair para cancelar à última da hora uma sessão de autógrafos das suas memórias, “A Journey”, numa livraria no centro de Londres depois dos tumultos que ocorreram numa sessão idêntica em Dublin. Ao mesmo tempo, e em sinal de protesto, muitas livrarias colocaram o livro do Sr. Blair na secção de livros sobre crimes e o movimento já tem página no Facebook.

Numa entrevista à Der Spiegel, Tony Blair falou sobre suas diferenças com George W. Bush, as perspectivas de paz no Médio Oriente e os perigos de um Irão com armas nucleares:


SPIEGEL: Did your shared faith help you form a closer bond to former US President George W. Bush?

Blair: No. We agreed on one central issue and that had to do with security, not religion. On 9/11, when 3,000 innocent people died in the streets of New York, the whole foreign policy of the US pivoted, as it certainly also did for me. We agreed that you simply cannot take chances with this security threat. If they could have killed 300,000 people on that day, they would have. The calculus of risk changed. That was the view I took then and hold on to now. Apart from that, I disagreed with President Bush in lots of areas, for example on climate change or on the Middle East, from time to time.

SPIEGEL: When your book came out last week, you were in Washington in your capacity as the Middle East Quartet’s special envoy. You witnessed the birth of the newest Middle East peace initiative in the White House. Will this one succeed?

Blair: There are good reasons to be optimistic. President Obama has made this a core strategic priority for the US. At the small dinner that we had, he was incredibly focused and on top of the detail of what needs to happen.

SPIEGEL: Do you see any progress in the region?

Blair: I spend most of my time now on the peace process. We are helping the Palestinian Authority build its capacity to govern. What is happening in the West Bank is extraordinary. The Palestinian Authority provides security. As a result, many checkpoints to Israel are open. As a result of that, the economy is growing. I was in Nablus last week. A year ago, unemployment was 30 percent — today it is 12 percent. These are big changes. Gaza, on the other hand, remains a huge problem. […]

Paresh Nath, «The Khaleej Times»


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