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GOP vs. Obama

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Novembro 4, 2010

Daryl Cagle, «»

O Partido Republicano é o grande vencedor das eleições intercalares americanas: não assegurou a maioria  no Senado mas conseguiu o Congresso. Foi a maior derrota do Partido Democrata em 70 anos. Barack Obama reconhece a derrota, assumiu a responsabilidade pela mesma e prometeu dialogar com os Republicanos. Estes, que estarão pouco dispostos a facilitar a vida ao Presidente, pedem ao Sr, Obama que se una ao projecto republicano para uma nova América. Entretanto o movimento ultra-conservador “Tea Partyfesteja e consideram-se os reais vencedores — não os Republicanos — destas eleições; conseguiram eleger dois congressistas.

Chappatte, «International Herald Tribune»

Escreve a Time que um capítulo da actual política americana foi interrompido e que começou agora a corrida pela Casa Branca:

Voters hit the reset button on American politics on Tuesday. There is no more Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, no more one-party control of the federal government, no more Obama-landslide map. The country will awaken on Wednesday to all the same problems — but the menu of solutions is now up for grabs. “Yes, we can” has collided with “Oh no you don’t.” And the future — including the 2012 presidential election — starts right now.

The swing voters who flocked to Barack Obama two years ago turned against his agenda, electing a tidal wave of new Republican members of Congress and shaving the Democratic advantage in the Senate to a hair’s breadth. […]

The election of 2010, momentous as it was, marks the beginning of a bigger battle — not the end. […]

It also presents Obama with a fresh opportunity. The Republican Party has won the midterms by moving to the right. That leaves the rest of the spectrum wide open. If Obama can settle his differences with moderate voters and seize ownership of the middle ground, he will find a lot of the electorate waiting patiently for him.

You see, the story of huge midterm losses is shelved in the library of political campaigns right next to the tale of presidential comebacks. Barack Obama just lived through the first edition, and starting today will try to create the sequel.

Chappatte, «International Herald Tribune»

Gregor Peter Schmitz, na Der Spiegel, escreve que Barack Obama, o grande comunicador de 2008, de alguma forma perdeu o contacto com os americanos e agora precisa de se reinventar. Mark Halperin escreve que isso é algo essencial:

[…] It has become common parlance to ask where Candidate Obama of 2008 went — the man with formidable political and communications skills. But compared to President Obama, that man had fewer determined opponents, a blanker canvas on which to paint his image and the greater freedom of movement that comes with a campaign. But while Obama might find some elements of his former self useful, this is a new situation. It requires a new Obama that exhibits the best of what we have seen before, but also displays some fresh elements. For the sake of his supporters, his political future and the nation, one should hope that the man who has resisted the very change he promised is ready to become something new.


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