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Silvio & a “Bunga, Bunga”

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 21, 2011

Petar Pismestrovic, «Kleine Zeitung»

Como escreve o Newsbook da The Economist, quando tudo já parece mau para o primeiro-ministro italiano, ainda podem ficar pior. Na última sexta-feira, o Sr. Berlusconi ficou a saber que é suspeito numa investigação que envolve prostituição juvenil; é também suspeito de abuso de poder:

[…] How sound the case against him is will emerge with time. But what is already known would be enough to have ensured his early departure from office in many other democratic countries.

Mr Berlusconi is suspected of having sexual relations with an underage prostitute between February and May last year. That is when, by her own admission, a then 17-year-old Moroccan girl, Karima el-Mahroug (pictured), attended parties at the prime minister’s villa near Milan. Ms el-Mahroug, who also goes by the name of Ruby Rubacuori (“Ruby Heartstealer”), had run away from her home in Sicily and become an exotic dancer in Milan nightclubs.

She has repeatedly denied having sex with the prime minister. But according to leaked reports of her evidence to investigators, she told them that one of the parties ended in an erotic game known to participants as “Bunga, Bunga“. Ms el-Mahrough is also said to have admitted receiving several thousand euros from Mr Berlusconi.

The prime minister’s version, which has emerged in a fragmentary way, is that he took pity on the runaway Ms el-Mahroug and was merely trying to help her. His assistance went beyond the donation of cash, however. Last May, his young friend was taken into a Milan police station accused of theft. Although she had previously escaped from care, she was turned over not to the juvenile courts but to a regional lawmaker for Mr Berlusconi’s party: a young woman who was herself an ex-dancer and showgirl. (She had entered politics after a spell as the prime minister’s dental hygienist.)

Mr Berlusconi has admitted that, before Ms el-Mahroug’s release, the police received a call from his office to say—incorrectly—she was the granddaughter of the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak. That explains the second, and potentially more serious, offence for which the prime minister is under investigation today: abuse of authority. The charge carries a potential prison sentence of up to two 12 years. […]

O assunto parece ter perturbado o Vaticano, segundo o El País.


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