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Sarkozy & Ben Ali

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 24, 2011

Rainer Hachfeld, «Neues Deutschland»

A queda do presidente tunisino Ben Ali é para o governo de Nicolas Sarkozy um dilema. O apoio que o governo francês ao ditador é agora um embaraço para o Presidente Sarkozy, que foi forçado a distanciar-se de seu antigo aliado. E em França, mesmo no interior do governo, os apelos por uma mudança completa na política francesa para o Magrebe são cada vez mais fortes:

[…] The French government appears to fear a domino effect that would destabilize the entire region. That could involve popular uprisings against the incumbent leaders in the Maghreb countries and their neighbors in the Middle East — including Syria and Egypt.

But the voices of those politicians who are demanding greater distance from the region’s autocratic rulers are growing louder, even within the ruling center-right Union for a Popular Movement party. Rachida Dati, the former French justice minister and member of the European Parliament whose family comes from North Africa, has called for “a closer relationship with the populations there” and a “rethink of our relations with these countries.” France’s policy toward the region should no longer be limited to the issues of terrorism and immigration, she said.

But a change of course will not be that simple, as Sarkozy’s previous stance demonstrates. […]

In the past, Sarkozy had even hailed the long-serving president as a great democrat. During a visit to the country in 2008, he praised the government, saying “today, the space for freedom is getting wider.” He added: “I don’t see how I would dare, in this country where I come as a friend, to stand and offer a lesson.” […]

It is probably asking too much to expect that Sarkozy will publicly renounce his past mistakes. Instead, he sent his personal adviser Henri Guaino to talk to the media. Guaino contritely admitted that France had made “blunders” and said it was possible there had been “awkwardness or misunderstandings.”


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