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Liberdade de informação

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 26, 2011

Jugoslav Vlahovic

Na Foreign Policy, Lee Bollinger escreve que a liberdade de informação é um dos aspectos mais importantes na discussão sobre os Direitos Humanos na era da globalização:

[…] Globalization is, of course, many things, but it is principally an economic phenomenon — enabled by the opening of markets in countries across the world, driven by the quest for profits in business and finance, and facilitated by the lowering of barriers to trade and investment. […]

These forces and events are transforming, or at least significantly affecting, the lives of just about everyone everywhere. Although there are many benefits to humanity from this course of modern civilization, there are clearly issues to be addressed, choices to be made. […]

Above all else we need accurate information, smart ideas, and a means of discussion to accompany these forces of globalization. To that purpose we need to build up the very successful institutions we have developed over time to perform those specific functions. […]

It would be a serious mistake to think that the so-called “citizen journalists” — important as they are to public debate — can entirely replace large, professional institutions organized to report the news, any more than the rise of “citizen scholars” could duplicate the work of our best research universities. The benefits of scale, professionalism, and institutional support are significant when it comes to covering actions of governments or multinational corporations. […]

It is also a mistake to think that the natural course of events will lead to greater and greater openness, that technology alone will overcome official censorship rather than become a tool for it, or that the accumulation of material wealth will result in greater tolerance and openness. As China’s economic success demonstrates, the belief that robust free markets depend on democratic self-governance is being questioned and tested around the globe. […]

What is called for here is a serious and comprehensive assessment of how we are going to get the information the world needs to maximize the benefits and gains of globalization. This is the right moment to undertake that assessment, not only because we’re still in the early stages of globalization and already have problems to address, but also because this is obviously a moment when the press as we’ve known it is undergoing radical retrenchment. […]

A comprehensive assessment and plan of action would need to focus on at least three major areas of concern: how to overcome the varieties of censorship around the world that are steadily undermining the value of freedom of speech and press everywhere, how to build up the capacity of the press, and how to bring about more open borders that ensure journalists can report from and to other countries. […]


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