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A oração e o protesto

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Janeiro 30, 2011

28 de Janeiro: Elementos do corpo de intervenção da polícia egípcia, observam pessoas que rezam no exterior da Mesquita Mustafa Mahmud, no Cairo (foto: Getty Images).

Henry Farrell, no The Monkey Cage, reflecte sobre o papel das mesquitas no momento actual do Egipto:

[…] One of the most significant problems in coordinating widespread collective protests in undemocratic regimes is figuring out where and when people should meet. One can converge upon major public sites – but one faces obvious risks in so doing, unless one is already part of a large group. When there is (a) a social institution or set of social institutions through which people meet in large groups at particular places at regular times, and (b) that institution is vaguely or strongly associated with unhappiness with the regime, then they help solve this problem. People can meet and congregate in larger groups and then take action. Mosques (in a country where the Islamic Brotherhood is repressed) can obviously play that role in Egypt and did play that role. Even without any other means of communication, people could plausibly have predicted that the mosques’ Friday services would be the obvious place for protestors to congregate in large groups (or, if there was no large group, to reassess the probable costs of protest and slink away).

Hence their centrality to today’s protests, and hence the failure of Egypt’s attempts to prevent people communicating with each other. Protestors do not need to communicate with each other when they can independently arrive at a very good surmise about when, where and how protests are likely to begin.

Emad Hajjaj

[Via: The Daily Dish]


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