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A foto de um beijo

Posted in fotografia ao café, notas ao café by JN on Fevereiro 1, 2011

Fotos colocadas no Facebook que andam a percorrer a net mostram que as manifestações no Egipto não é uma coisa só de homens e uma foto em particular, de Lefteris Pitarakis da AP, atrai todas as atenções; a de uma mulher a beijar a face um membro do corpo de intervenção da polícia egípcia:

Garance Franke-Ruta, na The Atlantic, considera-a um momento único:

As a picture of compassion between combatants, the image of a plump Egyptian woman kissing a green-eyed soldier on the cheek during protests last week was a powerful statement of national unity.

But it was also far more radical than that in a country in which men and women are barely tolerated holding hands in public in the most liberal precincts of comparatively Christian Alexandria, and where public displays of affections are frowned upon and likely to be met with cutting glances and vicious neighborhood gossip elsewhere.

Young Egyptian men may dress in the international style of jeans and soccer T-shirts, but they go home to families where women wear headscarves. An estimated 90 percent of Egyptian women wear the hijab, and more deeply religious women cover not just their heads and ankles, but even their hands, wearing black gloves along with their black face veils, headscarves and abayas year round.

In short, when it comes to women in public life, Egypt can be pretty conservative. It’s not Saudi Arabia or Iran, but it’s also not Lebanon. […]

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