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O novo pesadelo de Berlusconi

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Fevereiro 9, 2011

A procuradoria de Milão vai pedir esta quarta-feira o julgamento imediato de Silvio Berlusconi no caso Rubygate. O primeiro-ministro italiano é acusado de prostituição de menores e abuso de poder, no mais recente escândalo sexual que envolve o Sr. Berlusconi e uma jovem marroquina conhecida como “Ruby”.

Além deste processo, Silvio Berlusconi terá que enfrentar outro, a 11 de Março, por ser suspeito de ter pago 600 mil dólares David Mills para que este mentisse em tribunal a seu favor. Como no passado dia 13 de Janeiro o Tribunal Constitucional italiano reduziu a protecção judicial que permitia ao Sr. Berlusconi não responder em tribunal devido ao cargo que ocupa, este agora não tem escolha e vai ter que responder mesmo, em tribunal, sobre os factos de que é acusado.

Petar Pismestrovic, «Kleine Zeitung»

Na Foreign Policy, Philip Willan escreve sobre o duelo Berlusconi vs. Justiça e sobre o pior pesadelo do primeiro-ministro italiano no momento, Ilda Boccassini, a procuradora de Milão:

[…] Most of Italy’s politicians have consistently been on the defensive ever since, daunted by the watchful eye of the courts. Berlusconi has been the major exception. Some suspect that the media magnate started his political career in the wake of the Bribesville affair precisely to mitigate its effect on his own financial dealings. Indeed, taking the courts down a peg — most often with dismissive rhetoric, but also by passing laws that shield him and his associates from prosecution — has been one of Berlusconi’s most consistent political priorities over the years.

For Boccassini and Berlusconi, the stakes are higher now than they’ve ever been: This may well be their final showdown. But with the country’s newspaper headlines reaching a tawdry fever pitch and the national government unable to conduct its business amid the din of accusations and counteraccusations, it increasingly seems that the case will be settled in the court of public opinion before it ever engages the attention of a judge. […]

Berlusconi has testified to the public on his own behalf in a video message that he sent last week to an association of his supporters, the Freedom Promoters, and that was later broadcast by his television channels. In it, he personally accused the prosecutors of conjuring a case against him from thin air, invading his privacy and that of his friends, and intimidating witnesses. It was Boccassini and her colleagues, not Berlusconi himself, he claimed, who merited “adequate punishment.”

Frederick Deligne, «Nice-Matin»


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