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Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 16, 2011

Martin Sutovec

Segundo a Der Spiegel, meio milhão de pessoas estão desalojadas no Japão, os corpos continuam a dar à costa e muitos ainda procuram pelos seus familiares nas ruínas; na Spiegel escreve-se que a situação é angustiante:

Otsuchi lies in ruins. Virtually no houses are still standing. Rubble, cars and twisted metal are piled up meters high. “This is probably the worst-affected town on the coast, there are some terrible pictures,” says Patrick Fuller from the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC). “Almost the whole town has been washed away. Out of 17,000 residents, 9,500 are still missing. It is a colossal catastrophe.”

Few houses were able to withstand the awesome power of the tsunami as it came flooding inland […]

There are still tens of thousands of people missing in northeastern Japan. According to the army, soldiers have managed to save 10,000 people, but at least as many are feared to be casualties in Miyagi Prefecture alone. Rescue workers recovered around 2,000 bodies there on Monday, pushing the number of deaths confirmed by the police to more than 3,600. Numerous teams from abroad are helping the 100,000 Japanese soldiers carry out the rescue work. […]

À situação já de si desesperada, soma-se o crescente risco de um desastre nuclear com problema da central nuclear Fukushima. Uma terceira explosão no reactor 2 e um incêndio no reactor 4 fizeram esta terça-feira aumentarem estes receios. Já de madrugada, final da noite em Portugal, voltou a haver um incêndio neste reactor na sequência da explosão que provocara o primeiro incêndio. As autoridades admitem agora que os níveis de radioactividade poderão afectar a saúde humana. A Agência Internacional de Energia Atómica também já reconheceu que poderá haver danos no núcleo do reactor 2 e que os níveis de radiação são preocupantes.

Chappatte, «Le Temps»

Agora é o governo do primeiro-ministro Kan Naoto que está a ser colocado em causa: é acusado de ter demorou tempo demais a informar o público dos riscos iminentes — demorou trinta horas até falar aos japoneses. Como escreve Wieland Wagner na Der Spiegel, no Japão começou também o “jogo da culpa” entre o governo e a TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power), que gere a central nuclear de Fukushima:

[…] Fear is mounting amongst the Japanese and their trust in Tokyo’s announcements is dissipating quickly. The numerous panels of experts being interviewed on Japanese television are also expressing their bewilderment at the paucity of information coming from the government and Tepco. […]

Fukushima has become a tragic mix of questionable competence and deliberate deception. The response of Tepco, too, has been problematic. The listed electricity company is not used to having to explain anything to consumers. It was only on Sunday that Tepco chief Masataka Shimizu gave his first press conference — two days after a “nuclear emergency” had been declared at Fukushima and several hours after the explosion in reactor bloc 1. […]

Tokyo is losing its patience and officials have begun casting blame at each other. But Kan and Edano too have been criticized. The prime minister first addressed his people on Saturday evening, 30 hours after the terrible earthquake shook Tokyo and the northern half of Japan’s main island. The prime minister uttered a few stately sentences, but he didn’t have much to say about the nuclear catastrophe. Instead he referred questions to spokesman Edano and disappeared. […]

Petar Pismestrovic, «Kleine Zeitung»


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