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Personalidade, liberdade e autonomia

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 25, 2011

Igor Kodenko

Will Wilkinson faz uma reflexão sobre o lugar no reino animal do Homo Sapiens e o que nos separa das outras sociedades desse mesmo reino; somos um animal social que de vez em quando gosta que o deixem sozinho, de ter tempo para si próprio:

[…] There are many extremely odd things about human beings, most of them manifestations of our hypersociality. We can think sentences and speak them. We can laugh, make tools, make art, sing in a round, dance in a square. We can absorb and transmit facts, skills, and norms Mother Nature couldn’t hardwire in if she tried. A man can crush another man’s head with a stone and a heavy heart, for justice. We’re weird beasts and most of what’s weird about us is the weird way we’re social. (It would be great if somebody would write a book about that.)

So, despite our symptoms of eusociality, we’re not much like naked mole rats, or bees, or ants. Homo Sapiens is the hypersocial animal that, every now and then, needs some “me time,” that slams its bedroom door and screams “Mom! Why can’t you just leave me alone!?” Mole rats don’t stomp off the job because they feel humiliated by disrespect. No worker bee with a backpack and a Eurail Pass ever burdened its Moleskine with these immortal questions: “What was I looking for in the brothels of Marseilles, in the dark back alleys of Barcelona? What did I hope to find? Myself?”

In humanity, there is personhood. And in personhood, there is separateness. Not only is individuation important to us, but our authority over ourselves, and the correlative freedom from the will of others, is precious to us. […]


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