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A guerra dos browsers

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Março 30, 2011

Farhad Manjoo escreve sobre o novo CEO da Google, Larry Page, e as razões que o levaram a entrar na guerra dos browsers com o Chrome; aparentemente foi a melhor forma que Page encontrou para colocar em movimento um mercado moribundo:

[…] So if you’ve ever wondered why Google needed its own web browser, called Chrome, here’s why: It needed Chrome to goad Microsoft, Apple, and other browser makers into reigniting innovation in what had become a moribund market. Everyone’s efforts collectively improve the web as a whole, which is good for Google and its ad business. Even if its rivals merely copied Chrome’s advancements — superfast, stable, and, thus far, impossible to hack — Google saw that it could achieve its larger goals. About 10% of web surfers now use Chrome, which is respectable, but not as important as pushing Microsoft to retire the decrepit IE 6 browser in favor of new versions with a string of great improvements.


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