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Gbagbo corre contra o tempo

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Abril 7, 2011

Chappatte, «Le Temps»

O ministro das Relações Exteriores da França, Alain Juppé, disse nesta quarta-feira que fracassaram as negociações para que o Presidente da Costa do Marfim Laurent Gbagbo deixe a Presidência, cargo que ocupa apesar de não ser mais reconhecido pela comunidade internacional. As tentativas de desalojar Laurent Gbagbo, que contaram com o apoio de tropas francesas, até ao momento falharam. Segundo o The Guardian, Gbagbo corre agora contra o tempo:

[…] Gbagbo told French TV channel LCI that his army had only called for a ceasefire, not surrender. “I’m not a kamikaze,” he said by phone. “I love life. My voice is not the voice of a martyr, no, no, no, I’m not looking for death. It’s not my aim to die. For peace to return to Ivory Coast, I and Ouattara, the two of us have to talk.”

Later he told a French radio station: “I am in the residence, the residence of president of the republic. When it rains, can’t one take shelter inside one’s house? We are not at the negotiating stage. And my departure from where? To go where?”

Gbagbo’s characteristic play for time dashed hopes that the conflict, which is causing a humanitarian crisis, would be over on Tuesday. Instead there was still a frantic search for food and water in Abidjan and a stench of corpses in the streets. […]

Luis Moreno-Ocampo, o procurador do Tribunal Penal Internacional, afirmou que poderá requerer a autorização para abrir uma investigação sobre os crimes cometidos na Costa do Marfim nos últimos meses. Algo que poderá não agradar muito ao Presidente eleito, Alassane Ouattara, já que há indícios que as forças leais a este estiveram envolvidas em mortes de civis em Duékoué. Num país polarizado como a Costa do Marfim, num estado de guerra civil, a missão de Ouattara de coesão social não será fácil.

Escreve Elizabeth Dickinson:

[…] The point is this: the crisis in the Ivory Coast is at an unbelievably delicate moment. The country is polarized. If Gbagbo is not allowed a dignified exit — much as it seems unfair — the crisis runs a serious risk of getting worse. Militias armed in favor of one side or the other — or in some cases loyal to no one in particular — can’t be accomodated but neither can they be forgotten. Once the immediate political crisis ends, social cohesion will be Ouattara’s biggest challenge as president. He’s going to have to ensure that divided Ivorians can live with one another again.

Successful justice has often taken place in countries as divided as this one — take Chile after the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet of Sierra Leone after its civil war at the turn of the century. The succesful keys of those processes were the securing of a political solution first, integrating local courts and reconciliation processes into the quest for justice, and whole lot of community outreach so that citizens throughout the country would understand that indictments of individuals were not indictments of their group, be it religious, ethnic, or political. […]

Chappatte, «Le Temps»

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