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A nova lei da burqa

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Abril 12, 2011

Joep Bertrams

Na França entrou ontem em vigor a polémica lei da burqa que proíbe o uso do véu integral em espaços públicos; quatro mulheres de véu foram detidas por desobedecerem à nova lei. Henry Farrell vai buscar um estudo que tenta explicar as razões para a descriminação contra os Muçulmanos na França:

This working paper (PDF) on discrimination against Muslims by Claire Adida, David Laitin and Marie-Ann Valfort is interesting in the wake of today’s decision by France to ban the full veil. The authors set up a set of experiments (using various twists on the dictator game) to try to figure out what drove French discrimination against Muslims in the workplace and elsewhere. […]

Adida, Laitin and Valfort suggest that employers discriminate against Muslims because of their beliefs that more Muslims in the workplace will lead to lower workplace efficiency, because of French workers’ animus towards them. Occam’s razor would suggest that without further direct evidence, it is simpler to assume that much of the time French employers will share the motivations of other French people – that is, that they will frequently be directly biased against Muslims themselves. Notably, this bias seems distinguishable from simple anti-black racism – the experiments find differences in how French people respond to Senegalese immigrants when they are presented as being Muslim and Christian. Obviously, this does not make this apparently irrational bias any more normatively defensible than racism simple.

[Via: The Dish]

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