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Mubarak defende-se

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Abril 12, 2011

Joep Bertrams

Hosni Mubarak, o antigo senhor do Egipto e que foi forçado a sair do poder há dois meses por causa de um levantamento popular, falou pela primeira vez. Na gravação, o Sr. Mubarak nega as acusações de corrupção, de ter amealhado enormes fortunas no estrangeiro e defende o seu legado:

[…] “I have been pained and am still in pain because of what I have been subjected to, my family and I,” he said, “from unjust campaigns and false allegations aimed at hurting my reputation and questioning my integrity, stances and military and political history, through which I have striven for the sake of Egypt and its sons in war and in peace.” […]

But the revolution has been slow to produce the results that people expected, and the renewed demonstrations on Friday and Saturday were aimed at speeding up the process. In particular, the crowd demanded accountability for the lavish life of Mr. Mubarak and his family as he led this impoverished country of 85 million.

It has been widely rumored but unproven that he has salted away millions — some say billions — of dollars overseas while more than a third of the Egyptian population survives on less than $2 a day.

It was that accusation that Mr. Mubarak, in his audiotape, sought most to counter. He said that neither he nor his wife had a foreign bank account and that no one in his family held foreign property.

He said he authorized the prosecutor general to ask countries for any proof that he or his wife, Suzanne, or sons Gamal and Alaa, both wealthy businessmen, owned any real estate or property, commercial or private, beyond Egypt’s borders.

“I can no longer stay silent in the face of the continuous campaigns of falsehood, slander, defamation and the continued attempts to get at my reputation and integrity and questioning the reputation and integrity of my family,” Mr. Mubarak said. […]


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