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O fim para Gbagbo

Posted in notas ao café by JN on Abril 12, 2011

Paresh Nath, «The Khaleej Times»

Laurent Gbagbo foi finalmente retirado do poder na Costa do Marfim e detido pelas forças leais ao Presidente eleito Alassane Ouattara com a ajuda dos militares francesas. No The Guardian, David Smith escreve:

There was to be no suicide pill, no bullet in the brain, no heroic martyrdom. Instead, it is claimed, there was a humiliating slap on the cheek. Laurent Gbagbo came blinking into the sunlight on Monday with the look of an actor hearing his applause turn to jeers.

The fall of the African strongman came after one of the most drawn-out election results in history. Gbagbo was forced to bow to the inevitable and leave his power base in Ivory Coast four months after the votes were cast against him. […]

The 65-year-old former history professor, who once dismissed the beheading of France’s Louis XVI as public “ebullience”, could be seen wearing a military flak jacket and was flanked by two soldiers. His son, Michel, was beaten and bleeding, according to an Ouattara spokesman.

Gbagbo was then reportedly taken to meet his nemesis at the city’s Golf hotel, where Ouattara’s government-in-waiting has been encamped under UN protection since Gbagbo’s intransigence plunged the country back into civil war. […]

O destino de Laurent Gbagbo ainda é incerto, mas Alassane Ouattara afirmou que o antigo Presidente será entregue à justiça e terá direito a julgamento imparcial. Começa agora o processo de reunificação do país.

11 de Abril: Laurent Gbagbo e a sua mulher Simone, sentam-se numa cama do Hotel Golf, em Abidjan, após terem sido detidos (foto: Sia Kambou/AFP/Getty Images).

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